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December 2012

US Bill Auction Results – 12/26/12

Today’s US bill auction results are out and here are the results. Most notably among all of the auctions is an uptick in yields and coupons. Yield Prev. Yield Indirects Prev. Indirects BTC Prev. BTC Coupon Prev. Coupon 4 Week 0.045 0.015 16.93 10.11 3.8 3.99 0.046 0.015 13 Week …

JGB 2Y Auction Results

The latest results for today’s JGB 2Y auction (series 324) have been posted and updated: Yield 0.094 vs. 0.097 prev (11/27), BTC 9.72 vs. 13.87, Coupon 0.10 unch. You can view detailed charts and statistics on our Bond Auctions App by clicking on this link and selecting the Japan tab.