ATYS Auctions App Enhancement Update

It’s been a while since we have made some improvements to our ATYS auctions app, but with the approaching holiday season we decided to spread some Christmas cheer for those who love bond auctions! Take a look at some of the new functionality that exists right now on the Auctions app:

New Data Fields For US Auctions

In order to help everyone get a more accurate picture of the health of the latest auctions, we have added a couple new fields: Primary Dealer Percent and Direct Bidder Percent. We have had existing Indirect Bidder percent fields since the product’s inception, however based on feedback we decided to add the PD and DB fields to give everyone a better picture of how a particular auction performed. Now you will have the full picture of how the major participants viewed each particular auction form bills to TIPS. That data is available today and covers all US instruments from our data inception period (2008).

New Chart For Indirects, Primary Dealers and Direct Bidders

There is also a new chart which will now show the new data that we have included in the auctions app, located below the High Yield and Bid To Cover Ratio charts, called the Bidder Participation chart. This shows all data for the selected auction across Indirects, Primary Dealers and Direct bidders. When first viewing an auction, the default format is to display the chart in a line time series. On the main Auctions menu tab, you can now select “Plot Bidder Participation using a Bar Chart?” and select an auction for which you wish to view the Bidder Participation chart in a bar view. Here’s a preview for today’s 10 year auction (click on image for a larger view):



Unfortunately this chart does not work with Japan or Spanish bond auctions and you will see a message in the chart explaining that the chart is not valid for that particular instrument if you choose so. We are working on a revamp of the app in early 2014 which will make the user interface a bit cleaner in situations like this. Check out these new features on the Auctions App today!

US Treasury Floating Rates (2014)

In January 2014 the US Treasury will begin auctioning Floating Rate Treasuries in addition to the current fixed rate instruments we have today. We are working behind the scenes to prepare for this transition, however we don’t expect the charting functionality for this to be fully ready until after there have been a suitable number of instruments issued that can be charted. We do plan however to have tabular data available in the same manner as we do our current instruments. The new instruments will be on a new tab. Stay tuned for more information as we approach the first issuance of these new floating rate securities in January 2014.

Auctions App UI Revamp

We are also working to bring a major revamp to the Auctions app user interface (UI) in early 2014, with a totally new layout for how people view our existing auctions data. We will have more information as we ready to launch the revamp, along with a beta link that will run alongside the existing auctions app

PDF Calendar and Chartbook

Our PDF calendar and chart books for US auctions now includes the new Bidder Participation chart as of today. We are working to add the new participation rate fields as well as Primary Dealer Submitted/Accepted, Direct Bidder Submitted/Accepted statistics to the PDF documents that are updated once a day.

Thanks and have a happy Holiday season from us at ATYS Bonds!